Julie celebrates 30 years at Edenmore!

Edenmore Nursing Home, recently celebrated it’s longest serving team member, Julie Balment. Julie joined the Edenmore care team on Christmas Eve in 1987 and has spent the last 30 years taking care of family members living at Edenmore.

Home Manager, Tina Edwards, told us: “We are so grateful for Julie’s 30 years of service; she is an integral part of our Edenmore family and it is my pleasure to work alongside her.”

Julie originally came to work at Edenmore on night shifts when her children were young, and in 1989 her mum Carol joined the team and has also worked there ever since. At one point in time Julie’s daughter Hannah worked at Edenmore as well.

Julie commented: “I have very much enjoyed my 30 years here at Edenmore. We truly are one big family, and I can’t imagine going to work every day, anywhere else.”

If you would be interested in learning more about coming to work or live at Edenmore Nursing Home, please call 01271 865 544 or email beds@edenmorenursinghome.com

“Full marks” for Edenmore Nursing Home

Edenmore Nursing Home in Ilfracombe, which provides award winning nursing and dementia care for 47 older people, has recently been highly rated by the Care Quality Commission, which inspects health and social care services.

Inspectors found that "people were protected because risks for each person were identified and managed" and that there were "sufficient staff on duty...to keep people safe.”

The inspection report goes on to note that  "staff were sitting and chatting with people and some were holding people's hands...they were supporting people, who sometimes had challenging behaviour, in a safe way which respected their dignity and protected their rights. When people became distressed or agitated, staff responded promptly and dealt with this in a calm, skilled and respectful way."

"When one person became agitated staff quickly went to reassure them, sat with them and were calm and non-confrontational in their manner.”

One relative of someone living at Edenmore told inspectors "I would give them full marks!"

The home manager, Liz Thompson, told us "we love the people that live with us and we try our best to ensure that they are happy. We have developed an amazing new dementia training programme which is free for local nurses, care workers and families who are interested in learning more about how to provide better care for someone living with dementia.”

If you would like to find out more about this training or more about Edenmore Nursing Home please call 01271 865 544 or email us at beds@edenmorenursinghome.com

Care group offers best possible support to those in need

It has been estimated that more than 900,000 individuals live with dementia in the UK, and this number is anticipated to more than triple in the next decade. Studies also show the economic costs to the UK alone are upwards of £26 billion, which is more than the costs associated with stroke, heart disease and cancer combined. This means that, for those who live with dementia and their families, finding the best quality care is is often stressful and costly.

With this in light, Edenmore Nursing Home & Heanton Nursing Home have been offered access to a unique subsidy fund by Evolve Care Group. The group has always worked with the community, such as its donations to the homeless over the festive season and special events for members of North Devon’s aging community. They hope the special fund will dramatically reduce the cost of care to those most in need. As part of the fund, healthcare experts will be on hand to conduct a free clinical assessment with those interested in accessing the fund to ensure the best possible support is on offer.

Helping individuals with cases like this is at the very heart of what Evolve Care Group, Heanton Nursing Home and Edenmore Nursing Home offer. A revolutionary new model of care offers those that live in the home services that recapture their home environments, rather than just providing them an institutional service. There are individualised fresh produce menus, luxurious décors and occupations centred around what those in the home want to do.

Cake contest!

A cake baking competition was held this week at Edenmore Nursing Home for everyone to show off their culinary skills. Those who live in the home made the cakes with a little help and advice from those that live there. The competition was judged by Liz Thompson, the home’s manager, and the winner was XXX’s delicious chocolate orange sponge. There were all kinds of other entries, from a rich chocolate and cherry cake to the classic Victoria sponge.

Liz commented “making cakes is a popular past time for virtually everyone who lives in the home. Many good stories were shared of individuals baking with their parents or even their own children. We were all very keen to see this continue when they’ve moved into their new home, so decided to have a friendly competition. We were definitely all winners in the end as we all got to enjoy some delicious homemade cakes!

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