It has been estimated that more than 900,000 individuals live with dementia in the UK, and this number is anticipated to more than triple in the next decade. Studies also show the economic costs to the UK alone are upwards of £26 billion, which is more than the costs associated with stroke, heart disease and cancer combined. This means that, for those who live with dementia and their families, finding the best quality care is is often stressful and costly.

With this in light, Our Devon Nursing Home, Edenmore Nursing Home & Heanton Nursing Home have been offered access to a unique subsidy fund by Evolve Care Group. The group has always worked with the community, such as its donations to the homeless over the festive season and special events for members of North Devon’s aging community. They hope the special fund will dramatically reduce the cost of care to those most in need. As part of the fund, healthcare experts will be on hand to conduct a free clinical assessment with those interested in accessing the fund to ensure the best possible support is on offer.

Helping individuals with cases like this is at the very heart of what Evolve Care Group, Heanton Nursing Home and Edenmore Nursing Home offer. A revolutionary new model of care offers those that live in the home services that recapture their home environments, rather than just providing them an institutional service. There are individualised fresh produce menus, luxurious décors and occupations centred around what those in the home want to do.