Evolve Care Group, who support 12 sites across the South West of England and Wales, have been implementing a brand new model of care over the last 18 months, which has drastically changed the lives of people living in these homes for the better.

Termed, the Household Model of Care, this approach gives ownership of the home back to the individuals living there and puts them at the centre of each and every decision. Staff have been focusing on filling days with meaningful occupation and individualised person-centred care; and the effect it’s having on those living in the homes, is undeniably positive.

Our Devon Nursing Home, Edenmore Nursing Home, is located in the beautiful town of Ilfracombe in North Devon. Everyone has been involved in a greenhouse challenge in recent months, by growing their own fruit and veg. Whilst the garden is blooming; relationships and quality of life in the home are flourishing as well.

Edenmore’s Home Manger Liz Thompson said: “everybody here at Edenmore has noticed a remarkable difference in the home since implementing this new model of care. We had several individuals who always really enjoyed gardening before moving to Edenmore, so we built a brand new greenhouse and helped them rediscover their green thumbs. We’ve been enjoying garden-fresh strawberries and tomatoes; and our whole Edenmore family feels happy, settled and truly fulfilled.”

If you’re thinking about the possibility of moving into a care home but perhaps nervous about the change, give Evolve Care Group a call today on 0117 938 7768 and see if they can ease your concerns.