The festive period at Edenmore was filled with wonderful surprises for the family members and the team. The day before Santa’s much anticipated arrival at the home, everyone at Edenmore was overjoyed to be graced by the presence of one local celebrity – Mayor Val Gates, accompanied by Ilfracombe town criers!

Mayor Val, jokes that she uses her mayoral privilege to go out shortlisting future homes to stay at, should the need ever arise!

Edenmore Nursing Home prides itself on the loving, warm and happy environment which is created by everyone that lives and works in the home.  This feeling of warmth rarely goes unnoticed by visitors and it was no different an experience for our Mayor.

“This is the second time I have met the Edenmore ‘family.’ When we are greeted by such smiles and joy, it is obvious that everyone was looking forward to Christmas.” She also has praises for the team at Edenmore, “I think care staff in general, and Edenmore’s in particular, do an amazing job and go the extra mile for their family.”

Gayle Cooper (pictured above) joined Edenmore’s leadership team in November as Home Manager.  With this family ethos of the home being extremely contagious to anyone wishing to be embraced in it, Gayle felt immediately welcomed at her new home in Ilfracombe.

“All staff have made me feel so welcome. I already feel like Edenmore is my second family.” Gayle, having 20 years of nursing experience in the care for the elderly explains what sets Edenmore apart from other homes. “It’s the family atmosphere, compassionate and caring, skilled team, home from home environment and encouraged engagement in occupation at the home.”

Gayle was extremely appreciative of the Mayor’s visit so close to Christmas and was greatly impressed by the connection that Mayor Val had with everyone who lives at the home.

“Meeting the Mayor was amazing. She was very compassionate and caring towards all our family members. She also said that if she had to choose a nursing home, it would be Edenmore, this melted my heart.”

As Mayor Gates left, she wished everyone, “a great New Year,” and extended her best wishes to everyone at the home. We would like to extend the same to our Mayor as someone we would now consider a friend of the Edenmore family who will always be welcome at the home.

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