Q: What eats 28,000kg of strawberries and drinks 330,000 cups of tea? A: The crowds at Wimbledon and at Edenmore Nursing Home, Ilfracombe

Watched by 300 million viewers in 200 countries, and with 500,000 spectators in attendance over the 2-week period, Wimbledon is the largest annual sporting event in Europe, with the cheapest... Read more

Having her Jam and Eating it

For most people, spreading a slice of toast with jam is a task that takes but a moment from our busy lives, but for Audrey Payne, an 85 year old,... Read more

Edenmore Nursing Home, Ilfracombe are Jumping For Dementia

Two of the marketing team from Edenmore Nursing Home, in Ilfracombe, Devon, have just raised around £1000 for the Alzheimer’s Society in two sponsored tandem parachute jumps. 99% of those... Read more

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: Wellbeing at Edenmore Nursing

Promoting wellbeing and happiness in our home has always been at the heart of Edenmore. This Mental Health Awareness Week we are highlighting the importance of focusing on the wellbeing... Read more

Care group offers best possible support to those in need

It has been estimated that more than 900,000 individuals live with dementia in the UK, and this number is anticipated to more than triple in the next decade. Studies also... Read more

Cake contest!

A cake baking competition was held this week at Edenmore Nursing Home for everyone to show off their culinary skills. Those who live in the home made the cakes with... Read more

Life is flourishing

Evolve Care Group, who support 12 sites across the South West of England and Wales, have been implementing a brand new model of care over the last 18 months, which... Read more